film editor, actor, director
Paul J Lucero
About Me

Film Production

Acting / Modeling
I'm an Actor who has worked on Action Films, Comedy Shows, Theatre, Commercials, Hosting.
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Post Production
I do video Editing, Graphic Design, Visual FX, Audio Editing and Full Delivery. Im also willing to lift some stuff on set.
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I've always been infatuated with writing. I won an award, I was in AP Lit & Ive written two films on Amazon Prime.
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Films I Directed & Edited


This Amazon release follows the struggles of a young boxer who loses her mother to a car accident. Now she must fight to survive. Full length episodes along with possible distribution are available for clients. Click below to watch all of NINA episode 1 on Amazon Prime.

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Our Crazy Family Ep. 1

In this hilarious comedy sitcom, we meet two dads who adopted two kids Lydia and Dominic. In this episode, they compete for the love of the same girl. Who will win? Tune in to find out!

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The Duke Trailer

This intense Super Hero trailer highlights the adventures of a street vigilante who hunts down the criminals of Albuquerque. Short trailers like this are ideal for getting your idea out to possible investors.